“The Power of Good Will”

I love the holiday season and the spirit of goodwill that flourishes everywhere.

It’s as if folks pause long enough (if even for a moment) to connect with each other and extend a wish for all good things … to everyone.

I love this sentiment of good will for so many reasons.

Everyone is focused on giving instead of receiving. That feels awesome.

Next, while it may appear to be a seasonal experience, a focus on thinking and wishing for goodwill to all is a lessen for a way to live all year long.

This sentiment is powerful in truly seeing, expecting and experiencing the best in ourselves, other people and our horses.

Perhaps we can all join together to make our best attempt to enjoy this awesome holiday spirit of seeing and experiencing the best right now, and way beyond the holidays.

As a way of life, I encourage you to be kind to yourself and others. Give generously of your time and caring. See the best in yourself, your horse and others. Be the first to extend yourself to others. Love deeply.

As always, we are the ones in control on our own thoughts and actions. Let’s carry the torch of goodwill for all beyond this season and into each and every day.

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