“The Best Cutting I’ve Ever Attended”

The NCHA Futurity Champions Cup

Each month I typically write a cutting article that shares specific cutting tips.

However, during this past Futurity in Fort Worth, I attended the best cutting event of my lifetime.

The NCHA celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Futurity by inviting all living Open Champions to compete in a cutting in Will Rogers Coliseum.

The draw began with the 2010 champion rider, Lloyd Cox and ended with the first Futurity Champion rider, Buster Welch.

Buster Welch, 83, who won the Futurity five times, scored 221 points, as the last rider of the cutting on Bet Hesa Cat, the 2011 Mercuria Open Champion horse.

History unfolded in front of my eyes. It was a chronological visual of how our sport has evolved over the years.

Every competitor exhibited true determination to show their champion ways.

Spencer Hardin, 82, was not
slowed down by Parkinson’s disease.

Dennis Funderburgh, 77, marked a 223. 

Jody Galyean and Austin Shepard tied to win the cutting, each with a score of 230.

The entire audience, including me, was inspired, moved, proud, on our feet, and in awe of these champions.

I felt lucky to ride cutting horses and be among these heroes.

I cherished the comradry of an audience who all felt the same and same and shared a rare moment in time.

The proceeds of this cutting’s DVD benefit the NCHA Foundation and may be purchased through the NCHA. Here’s the link so you too may share the memories.

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