Quiz: Are You Connected to Your Horse Needs and Wants?

Do you have some nagging frustration(s) about something within the sphere of your horse world?

Most of us do have one or more of the following challenges: not enough time to ride, or making hard choices, or people problems, or sorting through conflicting opinions, etc. Of course, there are many more than just these categories. We can each fill in our own blank.

Sometimes we know what it is. Sometimes we just can’t quite figure it out. Sometimes all we know is that we don’t have a sense of wellbeing about some aspect of our riding.

If trying to put your finger on what’s not quite in balance in your riding life is frustrating, you’re not alone.

The following quiz might just help you get reconnected to recognizing and fulfilling some of your most personal needs and wants in your horse life.

True False

1. The best way I successfully manage my horse life is to take the time to understand what I personally enjoy about horses, to set goals that are important to me and to seek the best ways available to me to accomplish my goals.

2. I take good care of myself physically. My focus on taking care of myself helps my balance, rhythm, timing and confidence on my horse.

3. In order to ride at my best, it is important for me to eat healthy snacks every 90 minutes.

4. I have a dedicated time each day during which I feel grateful for all riding brings to my life.

5. I have a consistent way of getting calm as well as focused on what I am about to do right before I begin my ride. I do this for practice sessions as well as when I show. This is a habit for me.

6. I look for and appreciate the gifts of each ride even after I experienced a discouraging challenge.

7. In my horse life, I seek to do what I love, no matter what my other horse friends like to do, or encourage me to do.

8. Reaching out to others is an important part of riding. I make sure I take time to support my riding friends.

9. I am in touch with my “Big Why,” my personal purpose for riding. I live it. I review it frequently so I stay connected to my joy for the privilege of riding a horse.

10. I notice and heed emotional signals that tell me when I’m not in a positive frame of mind on my horse: irritability, overwhelm, resentment, frustration, anger. When I notice these feelings, I pause. I get back to a state of calmness anytime I choose to do so. This is easy for me.

11. If my horse feels a little odd, I trust myself. I stop and try to figure out why. I never ignore my gut feeling about his wellbeing and try to push through the moment.

12. After I ride, I always see what went well. I also look for the places to improve. I see my rides as always having these components of positive aspects as well as the next places to work on.

13. I make sure I bring healthful foods to horse venues so I do not eat unhealthy foods.

14. If I need something from my family, friends or trainer, I request what I need.

15. I take responsibility for my learning journey. I seek creative ways to learn about horses, riding in general, and my discipline. I don’t expect to get all of the information I need in one place. I am proactive about learning.

16. Overall, I’m happy in my riding life. My sense of purpose, gratitude, contentment and joy far outweigh my time-to-time feelings of frustration and disappointment.

As you look back over these statements, notice the questions to which you answered false. You may want to reflect and see if you can incorporate something of its message into your riding life.

Share your thoughts below about any of these statements.

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6 Comments on Quiz: Are You Connected to Your Horse Needs and Wants?

  1. Kathy Smiley on Sun, 7th May 2017 3:36 pm
  2. <>

    Since I’m not an ‘expert’ horseman, it is hard for me sometimes to trust my own judgment on certain types of things with regard to horses. I feel that I sometimes tend to be too easy on my horse and make excuses for him, rather than push him through some difficult spot But then, I also don’t want to push him through something that he shouldn’t be pushed through, either, if his well being will be adversely affected. This kind of choice always gets me, when riding, and I don’t have much confidence about it personally, with respect to my own knowledge.

  3. Gale on Mon, 8th May 2017 11:35 am
  4. The only one I question is no. 3! What do you suggest eating ever 1 1/2 hour? Like a quarter of an apple with P butter? Any suggestions? I gain weight and get lethargic on food!

  5. Barbra Schulte on Mon, 8th May 2017 1:44 pm
  6. Hi, Kathy … yes … this can be challenging when we’re not sure. I understand.

  7. Barbra Schulte on Mon, 8th May 2017 1:47 pm
  8. Hi, Gale! The reason for that is to keep our blood sugar levels up for maximum physical function. It doesn’t take much. And yes your peanut butter with apple suggestion is a good one. A “good” carb with a good protein and a good fat combo is always terrific. And again, it doesn’t have to be much. If the amounts are tiny and often, it actually increases metabolism. I hope this helps.

  9. Julie Brosz-Turney on Mon, 8th May 2017 9:26 pm
  10. I had a fall on my mare two years ago which was the second time in nine months while running barrels. I needed to keep my horses exercised and hired a young lady to help me out. It has worked out really good but I’ve found now that I’ve become slightly disconnected from my horses. I’m becoming just the jockey and have found less desire to ride and just let someone else do it for me. Just an FYI, I”m 68 years old but in great health physically and mentally. I work a semi-full time job running an auto repair business with my husband so do find that sometimes my riding time becomes very limited, hence, the riding helper. 🙁 I’m really not sure that this submission is very relevant but I did answer some of the questions as false.

  11. Michelle on Tue, 30th May 2017 9:11 am
  12. Thanks! Busy with summer work, trying to fit everything in … Was poking thru emails this morning and decided to click. I love the way these questions are written! Positive with a touch of refocus 🙂 Just what I needed this am!

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