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“Elements of a Turnaround”

About 4 or 5 years ago, a talented Australian, Rob Leach came to our barn in Brenham and did a horsemanship clinic. He had worked for several prominent cutting horse trainers.

He taught us a “system” for teaching a horse to move his body parts. Ultimately, he seamlessly combined sequences of body part movements to teach a horse to turnaround. Rob’s system tremendously impacted me.

As an amateur/nonpro perhaps you don’t always understand the elements of turning your horse around. So, when I just happened to come across this video on YouTube with Rob explaining how he moves a horse’s body parts in a sequence for a turn around I wanted to share it with you. He also discusses the functions of the direct and outside reins.

Enjoy and I hope it helps you gain clarity about how to turn your horse around either before you enter the herd during your ritual, or when you’re schooling your horse on a cow.

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