“Do You Have These Four Qualities?”

Think back to January of this year and all of the things that have transpired this year. What a trip it’s been, right?

Now, it’s Fall. (Can you believe it?) For me it’s a wonderful time of the year to begin thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2018.

There are four things I know for sure that will greatly aid you on your 2018 adventure to help ensure your success … joy … and fun.

#1. True Passion
Stay true to your own expression of your passion with horses.

This is vital for true joy and success. “Your” is the key word here. We all love different things about our fabulous lives with horses. Be true to what you love in the way you love it.

That’s not always easy amid the pushing and prodding from others to do this or that. Design your own life with horses according to your interests. Don’t measure what you do and how you want to express your dreams by other people’s standards. 

#2. Courageous Dreams
Dream boldly.

Go for a dream that really turns you on. Don’t short change yourself in terms of what you think is possible. REACH BIG!

Enhance your belief in yourself by focusing on your strengths. Seek ways to shore up your weaknesses. Lean into your shortcomings. Don’t fear them. Don’t allow what you fear to diminish your dream.

Your dream is your juice. Be sure it excites you.

#3. Ongoing Resilience
Expect the unexpected.

Once you begin to take passionate action and move in the direction of your dreams, your riding adventure will take on a life of it’s own in ways you could never predict.

It always does. You can bet that wonderful surprises and unexpected challenges will show up. THEY ALWAYS DO. Don’t let challenges discourage you. Use them to strengthen your resolve and your creativity.

Just begin. Allow your dreams to create their own pathways. When the unexpected happens, embrace it.

#4. Trust, No-Matter-What
Trust your own journey.

Your life and your journey are yours. Both are absolutely golden.

YOU ARE AWESOME. Your success is measured by you, not by anything outside of you. When fear raises up inside of you, face it and TRUST that you will not only be ok, you will come out stronger and a better horseman or horsewoman.

It’s all about who you are becoming because of what you love.

Take bold action. Be willing to ride your ride through thick and thin.

It’s all about who you are becoming because of what you love, the action you take and a willingness to ride your ride through thick and thin.

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2 Comments on “Do You Have These Four Qualities?”

  1. Camille Abbott on Fri, 3rd Nov 2017 5:03 pm
  2. I always love your thoughts….spot on and a great reminder that his is MY journey and no one else’s so I get to do what I want. Love the encouragement from you to do so as it is always something I struggle with.

  3. MaryBeth Gokee on Wed, 8th Nov 2017 9:35 pm
  4. I needed this tonight, Barb!!! Our last show is this weekend–it will end my first year in cutting. I’m doubting myself this week and so want to stay in top 20 for area 16. Silly. But was my goal. I’m limited and try to remain positive. For some reason this week, it’s getting me. So thank you for this!

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