“Three Things That Block Learning”

Do you ever feel like you get numb to learning?

I didn’t say numb to wanting to learn. I mean numb to actually absorbing the info.

Often we want a quick solution to what’s bugging us … and right NOW.

We want what we want so badly that we might gloss over wonderful tidbits of information that could appear in ways we least expected them to show up because we weren’t paying attention.

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“5 Tips to Kick Out-of-Control Nerves and Make You Laugh”

A question I often get is how to get rid of nerves.

There are a number of strategies and practices for staying calm and focused. They all have to do with replacing your nervousness with clarity about what you really want and positive, empowering emotions.

One of my favorite strategies is humor. Who doesn’t love to laugh? So the next time you start feeling like anxiety is going to pick you up and carry you away, try one or more of the following ideas. They are designed to be humorous … and … to replace your nerves with positive emotions and focus.

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