“How to Ride From Strength”

Why is it we have a tendency to not always recognize the best in ourselves and in our horses?

When it comes to the horses, of course we care intensely for them, and we see them as generally wonderful … but when it comes to getting on and riding off, we worry about what we don’t want to happen. Often we’re not thinking of their best, or expecting it.

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How would you define “true confidence?” Would you find it in an award or recognition? Would you say it is a feeling of security when you get on your horse? Would you find true confidence if you were calm in most situations?

It’s pretty hard to nail down one definition of “true” confidence because it could be one or all of those things. And it’s so personal.

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“How to Overcome a Mental Block After a Tragic Event”

Recently I revisited my Insights Interview with Dr. Jim Loehr, “How to Find True Success in Riding.” During the Q&A portion of the program, the question was asked, “How do I overcome a mental block after a tragic event?”

Because this is a question many of us can relate to, I decided to share Dr. Loehr’s powerful answer. Here is the transcript of the Q&A.

I think it’s worthy to note that Sylvia’s tragic event was a horse injury. However, the advice given may be applied to any event that is deemed as tragic … physical, mental or emotional.

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