“The Power of Good Will”

I love the holiday season and the spirit of goodwill that flourishes everywhere.

It’s as if folks pause long enough (if even for a moment) to connect with each other and extend a wish for all good things … to everyone.

I love this sentiment of good will for so many reasons.

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“What To Do Before Each Part of Your Ride”

Have you ever heard of Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One?”

According to Wikipedia he is the leading all-time scorer in the National Hockey League. He’s been called the greatest hockey player ever with more goals and assists than any other hockey player.

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“7 Ways to Get Ready to Ride”

Riding your horse is a series of beautifully interwoven moves that flow one into the next … into the next … into the next and so on. As a rider, this happens when you are grounded in the moment.

Here are 7 ways to help you prepare for that gorgeous flow:

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