“7 Ways to Get Ready to Ride”

Riding your horse is a series of beautifully interwoven moves that flow one into the next … into the next … into the next and so on. As a rider, this happens when you are grounded in the moment.

Here are 7 ways to help you prepare for that gorgeous flow:

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“The Soul of Confidence”

I bet you crave that elusive ‘thing’ called confidence. Sure! We all do. Highly likely sometimes you feel it and you could move mountains … and other times you don’t want to come out from under the covers. Confidence can be an enigma. It’s here today and totally evaporated by tomorrow.

And then there comes the challenges? How do you get it? How do you keep it?

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“The Quiet Mind”

When you ride your horse, I bet you love it when you feel like there is nothing else but you and your horse … and you are grounded and connected with him. Chances are in those moments you have a quiet mind.

The essence of a beautiful ride is your connection with your horse with ease and rhythm … all for the purpose of executing the task at hand. The task might be trail riding, reining, cutting, barrel racing, jumping, dressage. That part depends on what you love. The goal of being present with a quiet mind is one for all riders and is the key to accessing that inter-connected experience with your horse.

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