100 days of Inspiration for Free for You

I’m a big fan of surprises … they’re always fun.

In the spirit of the “Best Year Ever” I decided to begin this year with a bang!

I tried to think of the best surprise I know to help you gently cultivate productive ways of feeling and thinking … consistently for 100 days!

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Have you ever heard a new idea … and then it shows up again from another person … and then again?

That happened to me in the past few months. I love that. I believe it means I’m supposed to pay attention to the idea.

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Warm Wishes

Here’s to you!

I wish you joy, peace and the love of horses, family and friends this holiday.

Enjoy this season. It truly is such a special, loving time of the year.

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A Thanksgiving Note

I grew up in Southern Illinois. I was one of five children. We all worked within the family business of buying, showing and selling the 400 plus horses owned by Mom and Dad.

Our parents worked hard. Dad especially was not one to take time off. But on Thanksgiving and Christmas, he would stop long enough to have Mom’s scrumptious turkey dinner with family and friends.

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Zane Schulte Award

Every year at this time, a committee within the NCHA chooses the recipient of the Zane Schulte Award (in memory of our son, Zane). This is a humanitarian award given each year which acknowledges a professional trainer who exemplifies ethics, character and contribution to our industry.

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“News! Barbra is Inducted Into the National Cutting Horse Association Members’ Hall of Fame”

“New Year … New Adventures”

I’m very excited about this year as I have more time to create new projects and plot out new travel adventures. A new website is on the horizon, too!

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“What I’m Taking With Me From 2016 Into 2017”

Our lives are journeys full of lessons to learn on and off of a horse. Sometimes the lessons are fun to learn. Other times they come with a little bite in the backside. Here are ten ideas I learned in 2016 that I will take with me going forward into 2017.

Regarding the beloved horse, I learned:

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