“Take a Hold”

Have you ever wondered what someone means when they say, “Get a hold of that cow!” You might think, “What in the world?????”

When a trainer or a helper says this, he or she means to become more aware of your mental and physical connection to the cow in that moment. It’s like saying, “Above all else, zone in on the cow.” That’s because beyond all of the technical things we do with our legs and seat, we always need to relate them to the cow first and foremost.

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“Stay Hooked”

Most of us who cut don’t have to worry about staying hooked on cutting! We’re all plenty hooked on the fun, the adrenalin and our awesome athletic partners, our horses.

It is important though to know what to do in certain odd situations that will inevitably come up when you show.

This article is about what to do when a cow runs through the turn back people and you want to keep working it.

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