“Coach Yourself Like a Champion”

Have you ever noticed that as hard as you try to not do something, it is impossible!

Case in point … don’t think of a purple elephant.

What comes to your mind? A purple elephant!

That’s exactly what happens to us all when we hear what we don’t want to happen during our cutting runs.

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“How to Stop Squeezing”

Recently I was asked for tips to stop squeezing your legs as you go across the pen, especially on a fast cow.

Of course, you don’t mean to squeeze … you just do! Then your horse gets the wrong signal, goes too fast, misses a cow or doesn’t stop well. It’s frustrating. I understand.

Let’s work on this squeezing challenge by first identifying what you do want your legs to do.

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“He Doesn’t Draw Back All the Way.
Is It Me or Is It Him?”

There is almost nothing that feels as good as when a horse stops deeply with a cow … and then draws back and holds it. The stronger the horse, the deeper the stop, the more complete the draw … well it’s just heavenly.

So what happens if you have a run and your horse either doesn’t stop well or he doesn’t draw back over his haunches before he turns? How do you know if it’s because of something you’re doing or if there’s something going on with your horse?

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