“How to Guide Your Horse on the Cut”

Guiding your horse smoothly and accurately through quick moves during the cut can be a tricky thing, no doubt.

One reason is that cutting horses are trained with a lot of direct rein that points their nose initially in the direction of the turn. And then the turn is completed with an offside rein and leg to bring the shoulders across the hind quarters to complete the pivot.

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“Five Tips to Be Calm in the Herd”

We all would LOVE to be calm in the herd. We know that’s a good thing. But then the cattle start swirling; the helpers start saying different things; we can’t find a cow … etc, etc.

There is a common emotion we all feel when we are NOT calm on the inside. We feel like everything is going on around us at mach speed. It can all seem like a big jet-propelled blur.

So given that being scattered within feels fast, let’s define calmness in the herd as feeling slow on the inside no matter what’s going on around you. And when you feel that sense of calmness, you will be able to make the best possible on-your-feet decisions without feeling like you are rushed.

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