100 days of Inspiration for Free for You

I’m a big fan of surprises … they’re always fun.

In the spirit of the “Best Year Ever” I decided to begin this year with a bang!

I tried to think of the best surprise I know to help you gently cultivate productive ways of feeling and thinking … consistently for 100 days!

So, I wrote 100 short inspirational, horsemanship and mental skills tips that can be delivered to your email inbox.

That’s it. They are free. There’s nothing to buy.

I was inspired to do them for you because when I first trained with my mentor, Dr. Jim Loehr, he had a list of 10 or so statements called, “Just for Today”. The idea was that you only had to think about those awesome ideas, just for that day. Easy … motivating … comforting. I love that.

So that’s what I did. I wrote 100 individual "Just for Today" short daily thoughts.

Again, they are free. But you do have to sign up to receive them. I don’t want to bug your email inbox with them unless they are something you would like to have.

They are my gifts to you … my way of saying thank you for being here. I hope they will contribute to making 2018 your Best Year Ever!!! You can use them to perhaps fuel your new theme for 2018!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is going to be an awesome year. I can feel it!


Don’t forget, if you want the short messages, you have to sign up to receive, Just for Today.

Click to Get Just for Today in Your Email Inbox

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2 Comments on 100 days of Inspiration for Free for You

  1. Anne on Sun, 14th Jan 2018 9:44 am
  2. Thank you doing this for us!

  3. Barbra Schulte on Sun, 14th Jan 2018 9:03 pm
  4. You are welcome, Anne. I appreciate your comment.

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