“10 Strategies for Making Cuts in Tough Cattle”

When I walk into an arena at a cutting for the first time on any given day I just might ask the first person I see if the cattle are good.

I never enjoy hearing, “They are TOUGH!” But anyone who rides a cutting horse, will hear those words from time to time for as long as he or she cuts. So when I do, I just have to get my big girl pants on and do my job.

I have one memory I always return to if I begin to dread walking into a herd of bad cattle.

The year was 1990 and Buster Welch was in his prime. I was watching him show at a major NCHA event. He drew last in a horrible bunch of cattle. He somehow found 3 decent cattle and advanced to the semi-finals and demonstrated to us all why he really was a rock star in the arena.

I remember thinking … “If he can do it, I can do it. He doesn’t have the corner on that market!” I’m not sure where that thought came from but I have reused it many times since and it always serves me well. And … it’s true!

It’s true for you, too. If someone else can do anything, so can you.

In the spirit of making the best of the hard situation of working tough, tough cattle, I am sharing a list of 10 strategies to help you make lemonade out of lemons when it comes to tough cattle.

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“Ten Strategies for Making Cuts in Tough Cattle”

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